a verry bad way to live
don't do starte edge

this has been a public survice announcement from the stoners of america
by angel face October 06, 2004
A lifestyle choice in which a person abstains from use of alcohol, drugs, smoking, and in most cases, promiscuous sex. The philosophy being that this lifestyle is more healthy. I have to agree.
Everyone in that punk rock band is straight edge! That must be why they sound so good!
by All Of The Above July 21, 2003
A lifestyle free of drugs, alcohol and casual sex. It has nothing to do with abstaining from *all* drugs (such as prescribed medicines or even caffeine - in fact the original straight edge dudes from Wash DC used to get hyped up on Coca-Cola as a sort of joke - "whee we can get crazy just on regular soda!" sorta thing). It also has nothing to do with vegetarianism - although many people that are into straight edge are big time vegetarians (including myself). Any variation or expansion of/on the "big 3" (drugs, alcohol, casual sex) is not straight edge in the classic sense.
WrongKid#1 "I don't take aspirin because I'm straight edge".

WrongKid #2 "If you eat meat you can't claim the edge".

KidThatKnowsWhatsUp - "Straight edge is about abstaining from drugs, alcohol and casual sex, period. No more, no less. This desire to keep my mind and body sharp has also opened my eyes up to the virtues of vegetarianism/veganism, but since I'm not a dumbass and know a little bit of punk rock history I'm aware these additional things simply compliment straight edge, but are NOT straight edge per se".
by durok1a February 22, 2010
1. The state of abstaining from illegal drugs, booze, tobacco and premiscous sex (last is up for debate). Started with Minor Threat.

2. A cornerstone of the Hardcore music scene (hXc) where the gang mentality and that smug "I'm Better Than You" attitude dominates a good amount of edgers. A good thing until scenesters fucked it up.
1. Nah, I don't want any. I'm straight edge.

2. Fuck off, I don't poison my body with that shit (sucker punches the guy).
by The Dude February 15, 2005
A name given to a personal lifestyle choice in order to make it sound 'cool'. The lifestyle consists of the respectful choices to not do drugs, have casual sex, or drink alcohol. Basically these people choose to respect their own body in every way. Some people that follow this lifestyle may put X's on there hands and a bandana over their nose and mouth in order to try and further make this lifestyle look 'cool'. For some that follow this lifestyle they may think it makes them better then everyone else and will go around letting everyone know they are 'straight edge', what these people don't realize is no one gives a shit. Others who follow this type of lifestyle will only let people know at appropriate times. These people are the respectful ones, but they still sound stupid calling themselves straight edge.
Guy 1: Dude do you want to smoke some, have a drink or find some girls to fuck?

Guy 2: No man I am straight edge.

Guy 1: Oh... alright dude that's fine, that's actually respectful, but I hope you know you sound like a Faggot when you say you are "straight edge".
by Sir Hello August 28, 2011
Used when stupid teens think they are cool and drug free!
If you are under 18 and are straight edge, dont think your cool.
You are following the fucking law!

Omg did you know that hxc straigtedge kid tony?
dude he is not straight edge!! hes following the law.
by BUDDA JUdda October 17, 2008
An underground horror punk band. The members are Evan Poe, John Traveras, Sean Burke, Max Reimont, Matt McCarthy. They also have a guest rapper, named Cahman. They have songs such as While the city Burns, Catologue of Injustice, and The Victimizer (Godheaded Mind)
Ben: This music is really.. strange
Sean: It's my band, Straight edge
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
One who has made a lifetime commitment to not smoke, drink, do drugs, or participate in promiscuous sex.

This does not mean no sex at all, it just means only sex when in a serious relationship - not random hook-ups.

Being straight edge has nothing to do with religion. Although someone who is religious can be straight edge - the two are not correlated.

One cannot call themselves straight edge unless they plan to obstain from these acts for life. If someone breaks one of these, he or she was never straight edge.

Those who are straight edge feel they do not need to smoke, drink, do drugs, or participate in casual sex to have a good time and enjoy life. People who are straight edge still go to parties, go see bands at shows, and most of what non-straight edge individuals do - they just don't poison their bodies in the process.
I'm 25 and have been straight edge for 8 years - I go to parties, still see my favorite bands, and have sex with my husband regularly. I never engage in acts that I regret since my mind is clear at all times. I don't cough up a lung going up the stairs since I don't smoke. Being straight edge has never stopped me from having a good time - and the best part is that I remember all of them!
by angelaxvx October 15, 2009
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