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Someone who is usually into underground music.
All scene kids seem to dress the same; girl's jeans with holes or camo shorts for the summer, tight black band shirts, asics, choppy hair normally cut by themselves, messenger bags with buttons, castro hats with buttons of their favorite bands, or that they're straight edge.
Often travel by bike.
Typical scene boys are way hot.
Scene girls are dumb, and care way too much about what they look like.
They like to spend time in the city, or biking/walking with other scene kids.
Music is these kid's lives.
"Woah did you see that scene boy walk by, he was so hot in his pants that are tighter than mine..."

"So the way to get in a girl's pants is to wear girls pants?"
by samthug July 11, 2005
No sex.
No drugs.
No drinking.
No fun.
Lots of music and friends.
Normally they wear buttons on pants/hats/bags/shirts/wherever to indicate somehow that they are straight edge and proud.
It seems to have turned into a big lable.
Lame if you ask me.
"That guy seems like he has a sick up his ass..."

"Oh yeah, he must be straight edge."
by samthug July 11, 2005

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