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some one who is fake edge is some one who does not take the straight edge name seriously and usually starts to claim sxe as for status/friends/excuse and more often is because they think its a trend. but its not. its a life long commitment for yourself and no body else. fake edgers give into drugs or "sell out" becuase they were never true.
"is derek really straight edge?"
"naw dood hes a fake edge bitch and deserves to get stomped"
by xLive-For-Gloryx December 06, 2009
Aside from definition 1, it is also kids who call themselves straight edge while they are underage and then plan to drink when they are older.
Real edger: Hey man, what are you doing? I thought you were straight edge?

Fake edge kid: I was, but now I'm old enough to drink.

Real edger: Straight edge is true till death.

Fake edge kid: But i wanna drink...

Real edger: fine, but you never were really straight edge.
by PFtilldeath November 07, 2009
Someone who claims to be straight edge but drinks/smokes or does drugs in secret.
That guy claims edge but I've seen him drinking, He's fake edge.
by xliamx January 11, 2009

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