A word you call someone when they are sexually attracted to the opposite gender only.

Also, a witty comeback you use when somebody claims to be straight and are obviously not.
"You are so gay!"
"No, Im straight!"
"YEAH, straight in the ass!"
by DaYS October 08, 2005
Used to say one was doing a certain thing.
Man, I was straight gettin' my bone on last night.
by A Money June 08, 2004
To smoke weed without mixing any tobacco with it.
"Do you smoke 'straight'? I chop it up with scissors and mix it with 'spin'."
by Diego September 04, 2003
1. Really, very much, lots.
2. Solo, by itself.
1. "That bitch is straight ho."
2. "That 'rum pig' drinks his liqour straight up."
by Diego August 30, 2003
(1) Old fashion
(2) uninteresting
(3) common place
(4) well behaved
Kid 1: This band's new album sucks ass, they've changed their sound so much.
Kid 2: I know. They've lost their uniqueness. Now they're just boring sell-outs who sound like every other band in their genre.
Kid 3: Yeah those guys are so fucking straight my mom listens to them now.
by jojobinks February 16, 2012
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