Not being a snitch and being ok with drugs. (person doesnt have to take drugs or smoke weed)
(situation- two kids smoking weed.)
Dan: Shit whos that?
Steve: Thats my Sis. Shes straight she wont tell.
by Rotatingcircle February 13, 2008
1.(adj.) A derogatory term used by homosexuals to counteract the incredibly annoying "that's so gay" / "you're such a fag" phenomenon.
2.(adj.) Heterosexual.
1. That ugly kid is sooo straight.
2. I don't swing that way...I'm straight.
by draagonfly December 11, 2005
A word you call somebody when they are sexually attracted to the opposite gender only.

A witty comeback you say to someone when they claim they are straight, but obviously are not.
"HA, you are so gay!"
"No, Im not, im straight"
"YEAH, straight in the ass!"
by DaYS October 08, 2005
1. used to define looks; not good lookin', but not bad lookin' either
2. average
1. is she fine? man...she straight.
2. is it good?'s straight
by nif January 24, 2005
another word for a cigarette
"hey do you have a straight"
"nah im all out. Sorry."
by ermsypoo August 06, 2006
A term referring to a person's homosexual tendencies. Used as sarcasm in the small town of Norwalk,OH, famous
Travis is so straight.
That was so straight.
You're being really straight right now.
by The Machine Gunn March 22, 2006
1. a straight line.

2.often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. originating from gay people saying bad thing are straight instead of gay.

3. someone who isn't on drugs.

1. straight boner

2.Britney spears is so straight.

3. Britney spears is not straight.
by tosachi January 02, 2008

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