The act of not being a homosexual
Perosn-"Yo Tim, wanna play Mario Kart?"
Tim- "Na dude im straight"
Tim- "Lets call up JIMMY"
by Matt PoLish February 02, 2004
1.good, awesome
2. really
1. Jimmy: I got with the Johnson twins last night
Johnny: Ohhhh... thats straight
2. Jimmy: I got with the Johnson twins last night
Johnny: Straight?
by Homie June 23, 2003
A word that shuld never be used by people that have names beginning with S and M. Ie Stephen or Michelle <---- What a bunch of queers.
As the rule goes blokes that have first names that begin with S and M are seriously lacking genes required to be staight and appear to be obviously gay.
"Look at Steven what an Ass Bandit"
by Wax November 17, 2004
Cigarettes pre-rolled and sold in packets of usually 15-20. The alternative being rollies, tobacco rolled by the user themselves.
Person1: "Dave had the mickey taken out of him when he couldn't roll for his mates, he had only ever smoked straights"

Person2: "smh"
by CURLYHAIREDKNOB August 12, 2015
1. Straight means "exclusively attracted to the opposite sex."

(a.k.a. heterosexual)
2. not bend, without angle, or curve.
3. even
4. honest
5. upright
He is straight as Alex.
To walk straight.
by urami March 05, 2015
Only likes the opposite gender, not the same gender as him/herself.
Taylor Swift is straight, so she only likes boys.
by Ariana_Grande January 27, 2015

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