The People that can actually make children
That straight man and that straight woman can make da babies
by The Person You Saw That 1 Time March 25, 2009
A word used for pre-rolled cigarettes that you buy in packs in the shop.

The alternative to 'rollies' or 'roll-ups'.
"Hey man, can I have a straight? I cant be bothered to roll".
by MJA88 January 29, 2009
To Murk, Drop, or Beat someone up
"Yea, I got a .44, I'll Straight em out"

"U Dont Like What I Said? St8 Me Den!"
by That Mane March 05, 2008
Not Ruben Not Ruben. He's NOT STRAIGHT.
Ruben is SO not straight
by Soozit March 07, 2007
slang for crack pipe
joe packed the straight with that whole twenty
by killa_cam April 24, 2006
A word you call someone when they are sexually attracted to the opposite gender only.

Also, a witty comeback you use when somebody claims to be straight and are obviously not.
"You are so gay!"
"No, Im straight!"
"YEAH, straight in the ass!"
by DaYS October 08, 2005
Used to say one was doing a certain thing.
Man, I was straight gettin' my bone on last night.
by A Money June 08, 2004

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