A guy, that learnt to swim when he was like 10 or something.. and still cannt really swim. but for some reason is called fish??? Slightly quire. lol
steven you fishy wishy
by Pactrickdonald May 30, 2011
The act of mastubation. Word derived from the famous chemist who had a reputation for the aforementioned act.
Can I use your computer I really need a steven
by thesweetsmellofsuccess December 06, 2010
The name given to a guy who likes to watch chick flicks and has no friends. He is kinda weird and very mean. You shouldn't be surprised if he only ever gives you mean comments. He tries too hard to impress girls, especially ones named Sam. As well, he has a weak spot for brunettes. Although, he'll come across as a loser and you'll think you won't want to hang out with him, give him a chance. He'll surprise you. He's actually pretty cool and sometimes has some sweet moments. But his mean moments still outweigh the sweet ones. On a Saturday night, you would probably find him at home alone playing Pokemon (and losing to the computer) or studying. He does dress pretty well, has a good sense of style. If he likes you enough, he might even let you borrow his sweater. Whether you’d actually want to be friends with him or not, you’d have to decide on you’re on, I know I’m still on the fence about it.
Person 1: Is Steven coming to the party Saturday?
Person 2: No, he is weird and is staying home to play Pokemon
by coolestbrunette September 17, 2012
always in chode mode, loves chicken with salami and has a sexy womanly body, sometimes goes out as a tranny.
bob: hey you're looking fine!
steven: im in chode mode.
by mariazemonkey August 24, 2011
The act of sticking a piece of gum up your asshole and walking around with it inserted for an hour, then giving it to someone so they can chew it.
Ricky loves to give stevens.
by Cole Judy February 10, 2008
Usually a terrible father but makes beautiful children. Big heart-breaker. Sleeps around with everyone in town. Tells alot of lies. Has extensive criminal history. Refuses to support his ten children.
"Don't ever date a Steven"

"Man I am glad my name is not Steven"
by NerminWerp September 22, 2011
A Steven can come in many different forms with the most popular being the one of the human denomination. It is usually in a meat format with a small bone structure better known as, skinny runt. A Steven will sometimes try to make jokes about certain subjects which would then fail resulting in everyone else calling it, a bastard.

The most popular known species of Steven to the human eye is one with a tiny penis, almost vagina like. They occur all over the world and are to be avoided at all costs due to the terrible smell of their breath and ability to put your penis in your mouth in a matter of seconds, without you realizing.
"Hey look there is a Steven!"

"Shit man, don't go near that hideous creature"
by MasifWilly October 11, 2011

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