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A naive yet well meaning guy. He has cartoonish eyes and a goofy personality. Sometimes you wonder what goes on in that cranium of his. He's sweet and liable to call you gag-worthy pet names.
Me: Steven called me "Cutie-Pie" today *gags*
Friend:Aw, but he's a sweet guy
by emptybrown3yes October 22, 2013
A male specimen that is tall and has brown hair. Stevens tend to be very sarcastic and like to make jokes about other people, but never hurt feelings. Loves to play sports and has a good group of friends; usually a Sadie or a Shelby are his besties. Stevens are natural fashionistos and love to wear bro tanks. "Wilmer" or "Amish Boy" tend to be common nicknames given to a Steven. Makes a good friend that you can trust..
Ryan: Did you see that tall guy with the bro tank?

Macey: Yeah, he always jokes around with me!

Ryan: He's such a Steven!
by Lena981 October 14, 2013
Steven, a guy that is super sweet and nice. Would do anything for anyone if they asked. Has an ass for days and a unstable 7 sized pp lol. He is bubbly, energetic, and corky making it impossible to smile or laugh at him (: Quite the flirt but still makes an amazing boyfriend, putting his girlfriend first and treating her like a princess! Has the cuties facial expressions! He is a blessing and I can't imagine not having him. He makes my days A+s! He's an Astonishing athlete and works his ass off. should maybe work on being a little More romantic sometimes but for the most part is quite the charmer (:Stevens are hard to come apon so when you have one cherish him and don't let him go (: I'm proud to call him my boyfriend ❤
See that guy over there?
He's my top notch boyfriend!
Oh must be Steven!

Charmer , athlete , sweet , bubbly
by His girlfriend (: September 10, 2013
A person who defies all sterotypes of our society, while remaining chill.
"You take Trigonemetry, play in the orchestra, and you are white? You are such a Stevens!"
by The Real White Man March 06, 2013
The sweetest guy, you'll ever meet. Gentle, but passionate. Willing. He will always be there for you no matter what, if he's sleepy he'll still be there. Once he lays his eyes on you that's it, your his, and you will automatically we drawn to him and his muscles. Stevens have great bodies because of a great mass of sport they do. He likes to watch what you are doing, so do not disappoint or things may turn ugly, a man stronger than most, and grips girls with his big arms, and kisses them until they fall to the ground, stunned. Usually fair haired with big dark eyes, great fashion sense. Stevens tend to me caring characters and try their very best to make you feel special. They think highly of themselves infront if the male population, and could get aggressive. The smile is the best thing going for them though, as his jealousy can take controll
Girl: your smile
Steven: eep
by Meangirl February 13, 2013
Blonde hair blue eyes. funny, smart, nice, caring, hot and always can make you laugh and smile. He has an amazing taste of music. He love movies and always picks the right one. I love him. He can be really hyper to.
''hey did you hear that new song?''
''no what is it ?"
"hear listen"
"omg you have such a great taste in music steven"
Is a guy that is very outdoorsy, loves to fish, loves to hunt. A fun, loving guy who knows how to have a good time. Blond or light brown curly hair and beautiful blue eyes. County boy from head to toe. Likes to smoke. Wears flannels and boots.
-Did you see that cute guy?
-Yeah, that Steven. Isn't he the best
by Lammal May 04, 2013