Usually a terrible father but makes beautiful children. Big heart-breaker. Sleeps around with everyone in town. Tells alot of lies. Has extensive criminal history. Refuses to support his ten children.
"Don't ever date a Steven"

"Man I am glad my name is not Steven"
by NerminWerp September 22, 2011
A person who is always stoned. Usually considered a bug. Always on cloud nine and is usually thinks through his asshole.
Steven should be squashed.
DUDE your higher then Steven.
Steven is a name for people who like to read and normally named for 'gay' boys or 'bisexual' which means they like the opposite sex. Also someone who likes to read alot of magazines.
Boy: Hello

Steven : Oh Hii
Boyy: You want to go on a date?
Steven : Yes Sure why not :)
by Pinapple45 November 21, 2011
A stubborn bull headed boyfriend who usually breaks up with someone eleven to twelve times for rediculous reasons, he is often seen sneaking around with girls named paige and loces listening to rap music to make himself seem black. He is not very kind and loves to talk crap about anyone and everyone behind their backs. many times he will tell you he is going to fight you but then backs down because really he is a pussy, has a small dick and thinks hes the best at everything and can never be wrong. He usually treats girls like shit and never appologizes. mostly found talking crap on facebook and having fun with other girls behind his girlfriends back. and he never keeps his promises. he is for sure quality! no homo!
exp. 1
omfg just so you know im hanging out with paige and some other people tomorrow just so you dont think im cheating on you.

yep thats a steven.


paige asked me to prom but she dosent want to cause any drama and didnt want me to tell you about it. im not sure what to say.

say that she should take cody instead cuz were seeing each other and that would be akward for me.

that was my idea

... later on... oh by the way i told her yes

wow you are such a steven

exp. 3
i dont think things are ever going to work out between us so im done. just dont think im leaving you for paige.

dayyymmmn you are by far the biggest steven i know...
by giving up March 21, 2011
a fag also known as johofuck he is the biggest fag who rapes little kids with his best friend and a pedophile farbod
hey you that steven we should stay away from him
by adrian masidon May 07, 2011
a totally amazing gay boy! he like to dance, act, and sing, and he can do an awesome job at eating ice! this kid is not someone you want to get in a cat fight with! he got claws! rawr! <3
person #1: yo you see that dancer at the sno on the go?
person #2: which one?
person #1: the steven!
person #2: haha no, i didnt :(
by signer1918 November 23, 2010
Creepy tall white kid that wants to be black. looks like freddy krueger but acts like k fed. Has a foot fetish and stalks his ex girlfriends. Has a problem with explosive diarrhea. Calls in bomb threats, and cries about being lonely.
Andy: "Did you just hear that white kid say 'sup my homie'?"
Drew: "Yea, what a Steven!!!"
by stupidpeoplehaters May 04, 2010

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