A male specimen that is tall and has brown hair. Stevens tend to be very sarcastic and like to make jokes about other people, but never hurt feelings. Loves to play sports and has a good group of friends; usually a Sadie or a Shelby are his besties. Stevens are natural fashionistos and love to wear bro tanks. "Wilmer" or "Amish Boy" tend to be common nicknames given to a Steven. Makes a good friend that you can trust..
Ryan: Did you see that tall guy with the bro tank?

Macey: Yeah, he always jokes around with me!

Ryan: He's such a Steven!
by Lena981 October 14, 2013
A Steven is hot,nice and funny but with the ladies he likes to play with their feelings, he will lie,talk about you and piss you off but you can never stay mad at him.
If you love steven its going to hurt.
I love steven but he is always lying to me.
by StevenLover321 July 24, 2010
The biggest gay asshole you'll ever meet. Although he's not openly gay he doesn't even tell his gf. He's a lazy, lying , duchebag, with an almost non existent dick. He may have a brain but he refuses to use it. He's a really good liar and he can do it for years.
Look at that asshole he's a total Steven.
by southernlover93 February 08, 2015
A beautiful Blonde haired girl from the black country,who has an amazing personality and shes the kinda girl any guy would want to marry and any guy who dosn't is either a massive gay or an angler fish I LOVE YOU!!
Guy1:Seen stevens
Guy2: yeah shes fucking beautiful

Stevens:shut up zack you angler
by bearhugs12 April 28, 2013
Completely Sexy and a total tard but amazingly loving i love ya setven cote
Steven: ur amazing
by AngelVoutt June 16, 2011
Blonde hair blue eyes. funny, smart, nice, caring, hot and always can make you laugh and smile. He has an amazing taste of music. He love movies and always picks the right one. I love him. He can be really hyper to.
''hey did you hear that new song?''
''no what is it ?"
"hear listen"
"omg you have such a great taste in music steven"
A person who defies all sterotypes of our society, while remaining chill.
"You take Trigonemetry, play in the orchestra, and you are white? You are such a Stevens!"
by The Real White Man March 06, 2013
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