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From the Mexican-Spanish verb chingar, meaning "to fuck". Implied meaning is "a lot" and translates directly into "a fuckload". Usually used with other Spanish words in the same English sentence. Mainly popular with Latinos
Hey holmes, yo tengo un chingo de dinero from banging your mom. What you gonna do about it, ese?
by D.V.A. October 14, 2003
An extreme large amount.
An amount of objects usually weighing greater than one ton.
A lot.
Also you may have more than one chingo, in which case they are known as chingos.
Dude, guess what! I just got a chingo of playstation games!
by Rossi September 18, 2003
a one inch penis owned by rich snobby teenagers.
"That kid's dad is the owner of some big food company"
"I bet he has a chingo"
by Jk-uptn March 29, 2013
1. A cigarette
2. A white asian
3. Having the power in a social situation or relationship
1. You need to go outside for a chingo?
2. Hi. Are you half chingo?
3. I totally regained my chingo when those three guys tried to make out with me at the wedding.
by Queen of chingo April 12, 2011
It's a combination of Bingo and Cha-Ching, which can be used to express the fact that someone got the right answer, hit the nail on the head, etc. It can be used when Bingo alone or Cha-Ching alone will not suffice.
For example, breaking a wallbanging record would count as a CHINGO!

CHINGO!!! We surpassed our last Wallbanging comment count!!!
by MeowMeows September 10, 2010
"chingo" is computer jargon for "Chat Lingo" as can be referenced here on the website
MyChingo Audio Comment System
by Michael B July 05, 2006
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