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In any Halo game past Halo 2, a steven is better known as a no-scope headshot. This is the word that you would call out upon achieving this type of kill, the word is derived from the overzealous behavior demonstrated by Steven (a man who lived in a small town in Missouri), an average Halo 2 player at best.
man 1: STEVEN!

man 2: What?

man 1: i just noscoped this mofo in the face
by Jacovich August 21, 2011
Completely Sexy and a total tard but amazingly loving i love ya setven cote
Steven: ur amazing
by AngelVoutt June 16, 2011
A Steven is a butt
Steven is such a little butt;)
by Taylorrae April 10, 2013
Usually a gay male. Has dark long hair and is known to date older girls. Gets in a lot of fights so will almost always have blood on his hands. Has a big PP.
Woahh that guy has a big PP...he must be a Steven.
by Shanaynay789 December 01, 2012
A creepy dude who follows you home and kills you with lightning. There have been many sightings of Stevens driving high tech, heat-seeking ambulances and looking for awkward dark skinned creatures known as Omotayos. Stevens usually masquerade as an funny, intelligent, video game-loving, Dominican boys. They go by many aliases including Steven, Super Random Cheeseman, Weirdude, Nerd, and Black Kid. They occasionally post annoying comments on Facebook to contradict other people's statuses. Frequent victims of these acts are young, freakishly tall boys that scientists usually refer to as Anthonies. Stevens have somehow deluded adults into thinking they are just smart kids who like to think outside the box, but kids their age know them for what they truly are ... spiftastic creepy little dudes.
Girl #1- Who's that weirdo speeding down the street in that ambulance?

Girl #2-It's probably just another Steven.
by Stvnrsrchr December 31, 2011
(pn) A big-mouthed cock-sucking douche bag that can pack more fudge than cracked out Oompaloompa in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.
Shakwonda: "Dat bitch weave look like some raggedy ass monkey hair you buy at the nine-nine cent store"

Kiki: "mmmmm-hmmmm"

Croneisha: "Sound like sumthing you call steven"
by Goochtamer June 24, 2011
A guy, that learnt to swim when he was like 10 or something.. and still cannt really swim. but for some reason is called fish??? Slightly quire. lol
steven you fishy wishy
by Pactrickdonald May 30, 2011