V. The act of inserting any sharp object into a male's cock spitter (penis hole).
N. The object used when stanging.

stang from the Latin phrase stit tang which means "pecker hurts so good"
-(v)"He danced like a gogo and when I took him home he stanged like the like clap. What an amazing man."
-(v)I stang myself until I fall asleep on those lonely nights.
-(n)The stang I must use is a football because my dick hole is as wide as a window.
by Nicholie and Davion (lovers) April 12, 2005
2005 mustang or newer
Let's hop in the Stang and do some spotting!
by Mark Pfeil April 28, 2006
Stang can mean anything you want it to. An insult, compliment or describing word.
That girl's so STANG
I can't believe you said that, you are so STANG
We have the most STANGing conversations
by YouYouYouYouYouYouYou March 23, 2010
Shortening of "Stupid ass thing".
"I can't get this stang to work" "this stang computer" "She wants me to go with her ...what a stang". The government is stang.
by Robert Prince October 17, 2005
Referencing a females genitalia in a sexual manner.
"Ma boi Ahmed, was finna get some stang."
by Stanggey June 20, 2016
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