To sexually interact with an individual of the opposite gender; slay; hookup with someone out of your league.
"Wow, he stanged that chick!"

"Hey bro, you gonna stang that babe tonight?"
"I just finished stanging that blonde girl with the weird face, she had a great personality. "
by clusterfxck June 04, 2015
slang for Ford Mustang
"'stangs are b____in'"
by Rocko May 26, 2004
To describe something that really sucks, something without taste...
"Wow this song stangs so bad"..."Yeah it really does stang"
by JtotheVtotheB August 22, 2011
Nickname for the Monument Valley Mustangs of Kayenta, Arizona.
Rez Fan 1: "Let's go Stangs! Wooo!"

Rez Fan 2: "Beat the Scouts!"
by Northern Arizonan April 28, 2009
An exclamation word
"Stang, A female! Stang! Two of 'em!"
by Mmonk October 20, 2009
An eccentrically funny or unique person.
Pee Wee Herman and Chris Burke from Life Goes On are two of the most famous stan-gs.
by Stan-G September 03, 2009
To stick a needle (or small pointy object)into ones dickhole.
This can obviously only be performed on males.
After a hard day at the office, Roger heads home to stang himself.
INSULT: Go stang yourself.
by D. Fish, Nik C. October 10, 2003

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