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When blacktop road is frozen & icy, but you can't see it especially at nite-very dangerous
The car spun out on the freeway on the black ice.
by Longing for real love April 21, 2005
1) Ice on the road

2) AC/DC album

1. Black (or Glare) ice is ice frozen without many air bubbles trapped inside, making it transparent. This type of ice takes the color of the material it lies on top of, often wet asphalt or a darkened pond. Its difficult-to-detect nature makes it a significant hazard to drivers, pedestrians, and sailors.

2. Black Ice is the 15th studio album from AC/DC. Seven years after the release of Stiff Upper Lip], the band releases an album that fills in the rock that was missing through 2004-2007. The album was a huge success.
The album was also the second time the band had a #1 on the charts in the US. Black Ice simply rocks!
(1) Hey man careful, there's black ice on the road.
(2) Sleez Boy bought the Black Ice yesterday and loves it!
by Sleez Boy March 14, 2009
When you take a shit, freeze it and then smash it through someone's window
Victim: "Aww man, someone smashed my window... and someone shat on my carpet! What are the chances?"
Wise Elder: "Thats no coincidence my friend, you've been black iced"
by Sati December 14, 2009
1: In cyberpunk terms, any type of malware. Viruses, trojans, spyware,etc.

2: In normal boring everyday terms, the ice that covers black pavement, typicallly almost impossible to spot during the night and easily slipped on.
Just switching to Mozilla helps you avoid a lot of black ice.

I busted my ass on the black ice outside of Ruby Tuesday's.
by e April 19, 2005
a clever title to AC/DC's latest album. its referring to the quote "when hell freezes over". if hell was to freeze over, that's what it would look like; black ice. Angus and Mal are known for using innuendos in their lyrics
(early 2008)

bro 1: hey did you hear? AC/DC's gona come out with a new album!

bro 2: AC/DC!? yeah right, that'll happen the day hell freezes over

there for AC/DC titles the album Black Ice because it was thought unlikely that they were going to make another one. clever
by acdcrocks1 June 17, 2010
Combination of smoking meth with hash. Originated in Northern California.

Similar to a "speedball" giving the user a dual powered high of a stimulant and muscle relaxer (depending on which strain of hash you are using) but with no hangover; greatly reduces any withdrawal symptoms from the ice.

Very popular with gay males and club kids.
I got high smoking some smooth black ice last night at the club and then partied all night till dawn in the bed with my gf.
by pseudo_N February 04, 2010
Being incredibly smooth with words. more often than not pickup lines.
Omg shes like black ice
She asked me for help on a math problem
then she asked for my number.
holy shit dude
by DizzyTrampoline February 17, 2015
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