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What a woman becomes 0.4 seconds after ejaculation. Or any man who believes the above.
Mary suddenly became unattractive, so I withdrew and fell asleep.
by Kevin Watkins February 27, 2004
someone who would only be desireable in bed once and then after that you'd be like "hey i have to leave the country for three years but maybe ill see you around" and then you never go back because that person was so ugly that they didn't deserve to be seen by you again.
The woman was so unattractive that she made my eyes bleed until i died from blood loss through my eyes.
by chesepe June 12, 2009
Women who find it neccessary or cute or clever to swear or use foul language in order to fit in or impress others or for any reason. The same goes for some men, I suppose, who generally think its cool, but they're wrong.
Wow, she's cute. What did she just say!?!? Nevermind, I won't marry her and give her all of my money, that's so unattractive.
by cubik August 12, 2003
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