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During excretion, the individual squats over their sexual partner. Before the log breaks off, the aforementioned partner below places their mouth on the poo and begins to suck upward in popsicle-like fashion. The result, a turd dripping downward representing a stalactite from the cavernous sphincter above.
The man promised her ice cream, but the stalactite she was sucking on was like no other fudgesicle before.
by khangulingus February 09, 2010
A wad of toilet paper, shit, and ass hair that hangs around the outside of your crap cavern. They sometimes cause pain during removal. Can also get in the way if you're trying to stick something up there.
I pulled out some of my butt hair trying to remove the stalactites I've accumulated.
by Jingleman July 24, 2008
a sperm icicle
"last night I hung a giant stalactite from the roof of my girlfriend's mouth."
by colonel Hogan May 20, 2003
A shin buster. What you might trip on while spelunking.
"Millions of stalactites incising my knees !!"
by Poster Nutbag May 21, 2003
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