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A mixed drink consisting of vodka, tequila, and a lemon. Originates from Russian immigrants on South Padre island near the Mexican border.
Jeeves, can you get me another Cork Stooly please?
by Jingleman July 24, 2008
All the women that a guy has boned without a rubber and shot his goo into. Can be a mental or written list.
Past tense:

Yeah, she made my jizm list a while ago.

Present tense:

I'd watch it with her. She's already on a lot of guys' jizm lists.

Or it can be used in future tense:

I really want to add her to my jizm list.
by Jingleman July 24, 2008
A wad of toilet paper, shit, and ass hair that hangs around the outside of your crap cavern. They sometimes cause pain during removal. Can also get in the way if you're trying to stick something up there.
I pulled out some of my butt hair trying to remove the stalactites I've accumulated.
by Jingleman July 24, 2008

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