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A common abdominal pain that can occur without warning. The term "icicle" is used because the pain can be described as if an icicle has been violently shoved into your rectum and has pierced through your internal organs, a very sharp and intense, yet quick pain.
Yesterday when I was eating lunch with Antonio, he let out a quick gasp followed by a muttered "ow". I'm pretty sure he had his first icicle.
by Limblessless February 25, 2007
54 20
Nature's dildo
Suzie was outside playing with an icicle.
by MynameisOptimusPrime November 18, 2010
16 2
The cum/slobber that drips off a whore's chin after a really sloppy blowjob.
Did you see the icicles hanging off that whore's chin??! After deep throating johnny's giant wang Jenny had 2 huge icicles hanging from her chin.
by The Icicle King September 08, 2009
11 6
Being "Icy Cool"
Being so cool that you have frozen.
Cool, neat, awesome = icicle
"How do you like this shirt?"
"Yo that shirt is ICICLE!"
by Lack_Luster October 10, 2008
3 9
Getting a blowjob from a girl with one or many Altoids in her mouth. Preferably wintergreen in flavor. AKA "popsicle"
Hey, I have Altoids. See? You could give me an icicle. You know? With these Altoids?
by Nicholas "Kid Jesus" Peters March 22, 2003
23 29
A mixed drink consisting of peppermint scnapps and ginger-ale.
I'd like 2 icicles please.
by Bean January 27, 2004
11 25
When the blood vessels in one's penis freeze while erect upon entering an extremely cold environment.
Dude, I went outside to piss, and came back with the biggest icicle.
by John Doe January 24, 2005
8 24