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For real? Straight up? Really?
Kesha: cornbread got shot yesterday
Kahlil: Squo?

Squo like sayin straight up or square biz
by EastsideRyder January 05, 2004
a cigarette; shortened form of the word square. can also be used as a verb, meaning "to smoke."
"you wanna squo?" (do you want to smoke?)

"Sqo me." (give me a cigarette, please)
by bextraterrestrial December 12, 2003
Meaning sure thing, (aka fa sho)
Man 1: Yo we bout to go do this deal.
Man 2: Squo
by DTM October 16, 2003
A term used to describe the event in which a person brings up a specific person, event, subject randomly and it then occurs.

A prediction of an event, the mysterious occurrence of an event that has seemingly been prompted by a person recently
Nelson: Yo, Where are my head Phones i let you borrow?
Justin: They are in my jacket, that I left at Gina's college months ago.
Nelson: Asshole I want them back why haven't you gotten them.
Justin: I honestly forgot until just now

Later the Day: (completely random)
Gina (text)- Hey, Just so you know I'm wearing your jacket around campus
Justin(text)- Whaaaa? - check in the pocket are there headphones?
Gina(text)- Yeah

Justin: Nelson! you'll never believe who just texted me about a jacket left at college...
Nelson: Squo!
Justin: Squo!!!!!!!!!!!!
#prediction #coincidence #random #synchronicity #deja vu #squoe #squ
by The_Feech January 08, 2011
This word is commonly misused for the plural of squeeze, which should be squeezed
I just squoes this fatty pimple on my ass.
#pimple #squeeze #squeezed #ass #derek is dumb #mom #chazden
by Chazden June 08, 2007
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