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5 definitions by DTM

paranoia induced by drug use.
hey man, you're acting a little p-noid. Mabye you should put that bong down.
by DTM October 25, 2003
Meaning sure thing, (aka fa sho)
Man 1: Yo we bout to go do this deal.
Man 2: Squo
by DTM October 16, 2003
A post whore that uncontrollably adds posts to websites that contains forums
You whore like SLYWPN!
by dtm January 27, 2004
To alternate turns at a one player video game, such as tetris, or asteriods. The phrase is a reference to the act of passing the controller, or "rock" between people.
Hey jackass, its my turn, pass me the rock.
by DTM October 25, 2003
A nickname for someone who is really excited and jumps around; may have consumed an alcoholic beverage to get to that state.

short for hummingbird.
Usually she's quiet, but on friday nights Ellen turns into hummer!
by DTM February 28, 2005