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The way things are right now
It is very easy to change the status quo.
by marooned January 22, 2005
Short for "status quo ante bellum" meaning "the state before the war." Used to reinstate property boundaries, ownership, etc after a nation is defeated. Kinda opposite its contemporary meaning, "the way things are now."
In spite of the principle of status quo, West Virginia was not restored as part of Virginia after the (US) Civil War.
by WordWright February 18, 2005
A top British Rock n Roll Band. 12 and 8 bar shuffle rhythms with a more often than not I,IV,V chord progression. Great music.


To leave as it is.
1)"Come on Sweet Caroline, You're mine sweet Caroline"

2)Leave it be (Status Quo)
by RAOTW March 17, 2007
the current condition before the war.
Lorena Bobbit used a knife to challenge the status quo.
by mac January 02, 2004
A british band who plays the best feckin' boogie rock on the earth,giddit?
Caroline,Mystery Song,Slow Train,Down Down,4500 times
by Hedda with 2 d. March 05, 2005
An all black dance crew from "America's Best Dance Crew".
Boy: Did you watch "Amercia's Best Dance Crew" last night.
Girl: Yeah, I think Status Quo is the best crew and E-knock is so sexy.
by RayRay Blank March 13, 2008
The shittiest fuckin rock band ever. tehy're about 90 and should hang up their guitars and stop making cheesy tunes.
Man, thats nearly as shit as status quo!

their entire album back catalogue
by JJ March 10, 2005
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