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variation: Squeeze (V): To Borrow ones vehicle; slang
Yo dad, let me squeeze your car to go cruise the elementary school this afternoon.
by MrBoner February 14, 2003
really nice rack

so nice, you want to squeeze them
whoa...now that's a sqeezer
Term given to pedophiles by molested youths. Also, a gay male who uses his anal muscles to remove a penis from the rectal cavity.
Jon Kodatt is a squeezer according to both definitions.
by william d willerson February 17, 2003
see Village People or Micheal Jackson
by b0n3r February 14, 2003
one who squeezes
I'm a lemon squeezer!
by yo mamamamamma April 03, 2003
A guy in their late teens or early twenties who manipulates early teenage girls into sex.
That sleeze is a squeezer!
by NOYB December 01, 2004