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a fart that leaves a mark on your underwear
Fart!!! Uh oh...i better go check my pants, i think that one was a printer!
by pfloyd February 20, 2003
Someone with great technical facility who isn't tied to a corporate or military organization. Roaming system administrators trying to make the world a better place for normal folk.
Luddite: You'll have to find a free range geek to fix that TiVo/PC/Mac/digital thingy.
by pfloyd October 02, 2004
about 3/4 through sex, when you are really fucking some bitch and just about to jizz.
man that last 30 seconds of our fuck was my best hard drive in weeks!
by pfloyd February 20, 2003
poop that hangs off the end of your ass, making it necissary to squeeze your asscheeks and wiggle around till its falls.
man this turd wont drop, its a real squeezer!
by pfloyd February 20, 2003
when you fart so hard it smacks your asscheeks together so hard that it hurts
FART!!! "man that was a smacker! my ass hurts now!"
by pfloyd February 20, 2003
a fart that burns your ass
FART!! WOW jim that was a toaster! my ass just warmed up 20 degrees!!
by pfloyd February 20, 2003
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