A tabe (or table tennis) score concept. If one person scores 6 points in a row from a score of zero then they win the game. If the squeefer's opponent won some points before the squeefer won any, then have performed a reverse squeef.
"Cheedle, I'm going to squeef you."
"Stefan's been squeefed!"
by The Bolt! December 27, 2008
a fart-like noise produced with the mouth mimicking the sound of a vaginal fart.
Don't make that squeef sound again or the teacher will come over here and bust your ass!
by 'dklfj July 02, 2007
a queef that is accompanied by a skeet
uhh, cindy, did you just squeef?
by that weird kid next door April 10, 2007
(originating from the concatenation of sex and queef; comparable to a wet fart)
1. A sex fart; also known as the sound a vagina makes when air is forced inside, but promptly displaced by another object
2. The resulting sound of two solid, lubricated surfaces suctioning away from one another (as in intercourse when sweat covers two opposing body parts and contact between the two has momentarily subsided)

The young girl, already nervous about losing her virginity, panicked when she thought she ruined the experience by passing gas. Her boyfriend, already accustomed to this sort of situation, tried to comfort her by explaining that she squeefed. His efforts were sabotage by abrupt laughter. She cried.
by JRS November 04, 2003
squeef(v.) though commonly mistaken to deal with a bag of weed or ejaculation from a pussy fart (see queef) the squeef is actually when a female sneezes and queefs at the same time. it is common but not required to still say bless you after hearing a squeef.
did you see those girls squeefing on that work out infomercial they really knew how to squeef.


she totally squeefed at the family dinner.
by jaa1988 September 15, 2011
squeef (v.) - to be isolated, humiliated, or shunned from a group; munsoned; to be easily embarrassed or made fun of; to be painfully difficult in ordinary settings; to over-analyze the most simple issues; to be extremely awkward and make situations extremely uncomfortable
We had no choice but to squeef him due to his incessant verbal diarrhea.
by Zexlaaaaaaaa December 06, 2010
A a combination of a squirt and a queef. Usually induced during intercourse, however, can occur as a result of excitement or surprise.
Jody was so shocked at the sight of Tony jumping out of that closet that she squeefed her pants.


Although both flattered and aroused, Tony couldn't help but later feel disgusted by the thought of Jody squeefing all over his face. He would be more cautious while going down on her in the future.
by CaptainHowdy25 January 20, 2010

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