a fart-like noise produced with the mouth mimicking the sound of a vaginal fart.
Don't make that squeef sound again or the teacher will come over here and bust your ass!
by 'dklfj July 02, 2007
a queef that is accompanied by a skeet
uhh, cindy, did you just squeef?
by that weird kid next door April 10, 2007
A silent but smelly queef.
My son Nicholas's girlfriend squeefed and he told me it smelled like fish and that our dog Rocco barked from the high pitched sound it made and Bella, our other dog, stuck his nose in there to get a better whif of the squeef.
by SteveAsheighNickNikki August 05, 2011
When sperm comes out of the vagina while queefing. Usually after sex.
Feeling bloated Shirley squeefed after a night of hard pounding.
by CazDev August 05, 2011
When an Indian woman has a vagina fart; a combination of the two words: squa - and Indian woman, and queef - a vagina fart.
-Go on with you, you squeef !

-Man b'y, what did you do that for? Your such a squeef !
-He/she is a squeef !
-Don't talk to me, you squeef !
by Squa-eef111 March 12, 2011
An anal queef
I was plowin this chick in the ass and she squeefed on me!

Her squeef smelled like shit...turns out it was.
by KookyNebraskaBoy October 02, 2009
(Scottish slang): a pathetic, insignificant person; a nobody.
"See thon Helen McMillan, she's a wee squeef!"
by KevinHudson July 19, 2009

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