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When an Indian woman has a vagina fart; a combination of the two words: squa - and Indian woman, and queef - a vagina fart.
-Go on with you, you squeef !

-Man b'y, what did you do that for? Your such a squeef !
-He/she is a squeef !
-Don't talk to me, you squeef !
by Squa-eef111 March 12, 2011
1 12
squeef (v.) - to be isolated, humiliated, or shunned from a group; munsoned; to be easily embarrassed or made fun of; to be painfully difficult in ordinary settings; to over-analyze the most simple issues; to be extremely awkward and make situations extremely uncomfortable
We had no choice but to squeef him due to his incessant verbal diarrhea.
by Zexlaaaaaaaa December 06, 2010
0 11
A a combination of a squirt and a queef. Usually induced during intercourse, however, can occur as a result of excitement or surprise.
Jody was so shocked at the sight of Tony jumping out of that closet that she squeefed her pants.


Although both flattered and aroused, Tony couldn't help but later feel disgusted by the thought of Jody squeefing all over his face. He would be more cautious while going down on her in the future.
by CaptainHowdy25 January 20, 2010
4 15
An anal queef
I was plowin this chick in the ass and she squeefed on me!

Her squeef smelled like shit...turns out it was.
by KookyNebraskaBoy October 02, 2009
2 13
(Scottish slang): a pathetic, insignificant person; a nobody.
"See thon Helen McMillan, she's a wee squeef!"
by KevinHudson July 19, 2009
18 29
the sound of a queef from a mouse.

what you get when you cross a squeek and a queef.
the mouse squeefed during intercourse.

the mouse squeefed loudly when i picked it up.
by al gore 92 June 01, 2009
1 12
A penis fart
EEEW!, he squeefed in my milkshake
by mathnerd September 15, 2008
2 13