When someone queefs and squirts at the same time.
"Oh sorry! I just squeef'd all over you!"
by Viator February 08, 2015

1. While a queef is usually involuntary, a "squeef" occurs when a woman has mastered the art of queefing and can squeeze one out at will.

2. A voluntary queef.
"Whenever Joanne is around another woman she doesn't like, she stands next to them and squeefs."
by billebllunt December 08, 2013
1 .A multi facetted term used in a host of scenarios generally to describe a person place or thing when no other recognized noun or adjective can describe such event.

2. Additionally this term can be used to describe a sudo hipster or metro sexual male that enjoys brunch or the wearing of tight pleated jeans or slacks .
1. I thought I was off this weekend but I got squeefed and have to go to the parade detail .

2. Look at that sqeef ... .........Can those skinny jeans be any tighter ??
by Squeef May 09, 2014
when someone queefs but shit comes out.
squeefing is the same to queefing as farting is to sharting.
I accidently squeefed during sex and blew doodems all over the bed sheets.
by pantsboy November 13, 2008
the sound of a queef from a mouse.

what you get when you cross a squeek and a queef.
the mouse squeefed during intercourse.

the mouse squeefed loudly when i picked it up.
by al gore 92 June 01, 2009
A high-pitched qweef.
Person #1: "Hey, have you ever heard a girl squeef?"
Person #2: "Nah man, what the hell is a squeef?"
Person #1: "It's a squeaky, high-pitched fart, basically, that comes out of a woman's vagina."
Person #2: "......................."
by karadji January 26, 2012
A tabe (or table tennis) score concept. If one person scores 6 points in a row from a score of zero then they win the game. If the squeefer's opponent won some points before the squeefer won any, then have performed a reverse squeef.
"Cheedle, I'm going to squeef you."
"Stefan's been squeefed!"
by The Bolt! December 27, 2008

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