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In extreme cases of sex, when you are having anal sex with a man or woman, you pull out, shove your fist in their ass then punch them in the face.

Similar to the rusty hook but instead of putting your finger, its your fist. And Instead of pulling on their cheek you punch them in the face.
I was banging Todd the other night and I surprised him with the Ol' Rusty Missile

I am going to court over the Rusty Missile. Apparently getting fisted wasn't too much but punching her in the face was.
by KookyNebraskaBoy October 02, 2009
An anal queef
I was plowin this chick in the ass and she squeefed on me!

Her squeef smelled like shit...turns out it was.
by KookyNebraskaBoy October 02, 2009

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