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a webster term for cigarette, also associated with the squa squa, skee skee, nap nap...cigarette, beat it, no other option but to fall asleep....
Squa at yaden NOW.

Wow, i just ate a dank ass sandwich, its time for a squa.

After getting baked we need to put the icing on the cake and squa right now.

This squa just put me to sleep.
by SQUA SQUA December 15, 2005
Derogative term for Native Americans.
White guy: You're a squa!
Native American guy: (throws spear at white guy while chanting)
by wcgold March 19, 2005
another deffinition of a cigarette... even more slang that square.
Chris and I had our daily squa after school today.
by Dave-izzle September 26, 2005
Slang for square or even
After Corey gave me back the bass guitat I loaned him, we were squa.
by tom ingle February 26, 2005
:a nickname for the coolest guy one can know; can be used as a synonym for pimp and or awesome

after he scored the hottest girl at the bar he is deff a squa
by J Squa March 21, 2007
Slutty blonde penny whores, who steel named Karleigh.
UGH, dont let that squa near you shes dirrrrty!
by Rosalina November 17, 2004
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