1. to try to get a hit off a bowl of marijuana when there is only ash in the bowl.
I squeefed out a hit.
by Morgan Rose October 20, 2004
A holiday dish consisting of a squid stuffed with beef. Invented in the noble tradition of the turducken.
Mom had the squid fully prepared. All she had to do now was stuff it with beef and put it in the oven for 3 hours, and the holiday Squeef would be done.
by Krigsstev October 28, 2005
pussy fart, aka skweef
she squeefed after i pulled out
by bob March 27, 2004
to squelch a queef
Tyquanda tried to squeef while fucking her boyfriend Maurice.
by janice December 13, 2003
Black men semen that is abrubtly ejected out the penis hole and collides with white female clit, causing a loud squeaky noise that smells like shit. (May be mistaken for a queef)
Oh My God! Trevor just squeefed all over Jenna! (Trevor is such a cum dumpster)
by ben oser and nate papaik June 15, 2004
It's a damn penis fart you tards. skeet + queef = squeef / cock fart.

I am teh h33t 1ax0r.
My dick farted. It's a squeef.
by Squeef Monster November 06, 2004
A cross between a squirt and a queef.
When a girl queefs and squirts
"Yeah man, she squeefed all over me!"
by JustYourAverageZombie June 09, 2016
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