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friends, generaly male
c yah later mom im goin out wit the b'ys.used in newfoundland
by brian hurley September 17, 2006
phrase used by Newfoundlanders
used much the same way austrailians use mate
yes by'
go way by'
thats crazy by'
by Brad Ktulu June 09, 2005
Generaly used to end or complete a sentence. Used in the same context as Man, Dude, Guy, Mate.
A Term used by Cape Bretoner's and New Found Landers.

For example, in Australia they would say:

"How's it going mate?" or "It's good hearing from you Mate"

B'y is used in the same context.
"What's goin on b'y?"
"Your a fuckin idiot b'y"
by Christopher Timbury January 21, 2009
Spelled B'y, B'ye, Bah, By.. ect.
Orginally meaning Boy, a common word used by Newfoundlanders. Used similarly to the word "eh"
Yes 'by

No 'by

Are you common over tonight 'by?

What's up 'by?
by Newfie123 October 07, 2010
Another word for Boy, Man, or just plain slang.
Used In Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada
And Is the most Used word In Newfoundland.
Newfie #1:Whataya At B'y?
Newfie #2:Oh Nuttin Much B'y, Just Cleanin' Me Fish
Newfie #1:Oh I See B'y.
by XxChillyxX August 12, 2010
1. at
2. to

Used frequently in New Orleans and maybe other places where people either A) have not learned proper use of prepositions or B) are speaking a version of English infused with constructs from other languages
I went by your house yesterday, and you were not there.

Hey, they have a sale on ground meat over by John's Grocery.
by zingerhoff October 11, 2009
pronounced 'by' but people spell it different ways: boi, biy, bi...and so on.
It is a term we cork (ireland) people use when referring to each other. It would be the equivalent of 'homeboy' or 'homie' and so on..!!
1st person: 'Are you coming down to...tonight?'
2nd person: 'Naw by' (no!)

1st person: 'Story by?'
2nd person: 'S'crack?'
by xxkrissxx September 07, 2007