not the sharpes object in the draw
stop asking stupid shit you spoon
by ONEDEEP August 04, 2005
The worst possible way to die...
Dude... If you don't stop, I'll fucking spoon you to death.
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
a device used to smoke weed
thats a phat spoon
by mch May 23, 2003
1) the act of taking a spoon and stickin it in an elephants e ar and using the wax for a candle

2) an eating utensil

3) a way people used to use tampons to clean the car

4) drop the s and it becomes poon which is a vagina on a emu
Ex: Omgoshh your candle smells so good!
- thanks i went spooning yesterday!
Ex2: Can you hand me a spoon for my soup?
Ex3: My car is plugged up let me clean it with a spoon!
Ex4: Zookeeper, how is my emu's poon?
- well its extra spoony!!
by peter pan111111111 March 18, 2011
To Murderer Horribly Slowly with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
Girl walks into the room and is hit on the knuckles by her friends who have all acquired spoons.

Not EVER to be confused with 'spooning'
by spooningsally November 22, 2010
A boy who likes to lead a girl on and then drop her like a hot stone when they get together.
likes to dump girls over text.
''Connor is a totall spoon! he dumped Georgina over text man!
by GabbisaurTuttle December 29, 2009
to lightly brush up another person's arm in violent intent
(it all started in the land called of the mind controlling dogs and the goodie bag)
"let's c what's in the goodie bag for you tonite...a SPOON!'
by elmiantacisi July 07, 2004

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