To spill or drop - often used in relation to the spilling of marijuana.
Dangerous Dave: The weeds on the table man, don't spoon it.
Scary Sam proceeds to knock the weed all over the floor...
Dangerous Dave: Naaaaaaaaaah man you spooned sake...
by benthebest June 09, 2007
1.A word used in place of words such as fool, idiot noob, twat etc.
2.A piece of cutlury
1.Person A: Damn i lost my Barney the dinosoar dvd
Person B : Ha you spoon

2.Hey can i spoon you
by spoonshead May 09, 2007
An affectionate term for someone behaving like a bit of a fool, saying something really stupid, or doing something really silly
Reginald, you spoon.

Reginald, you are behaving in manner of a spoon.

by sonneblom July 16, 2006
to kiss.

Oh, that is an old definition from a standard dictionary. If you like watching old movies this is probably what they mean.
She had nice gams, but the moll also had a look in her eye that told me this was no time to spoon.
by Denonotative March 24, 2004
its another word dats sweet its what da neard use in the games and it means super pwn
Neard 1: dude World of Warcraft i am going 2 spoon u soo hard ur going 2 feal it in the morning
Neard 2: u wish u lil nasty
by Funny_man213 July 25, 2008
Spoons is a game where you and a couple of friends stop into a local fast food restaurant and grab a fist full of plastic spoons, then drive into the red light district.
Once your there, you throw the spoons at hookers from your car, and if you miss you have to get out of the car and pick it up.
Who ever is least beat up at the end of the game wins!
Billy asked john if he wanted to play a game of spoons.
John stared blankly at Billy, slightly dueling from the side of his mouth.
John hasn't been the same since the hooker punched him in the side of the head.
by KING BEAN August 17, 2005
An asshole.

Asshole variability determines the size spoon you are. Some people are even considered ladles.
Devin Devito is such a spoon. Actually, he's a ladle.
by UL Honors Student March 30, 2005

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