1) Eating implement.

2) Awesome indie band that are usually just heard in the back round of a movie or randomly on the radio. They use sounds that I previously thought impossible to make with the objects on Earth. They kinda rock and are really talented!
1)You use on to eat with

2) I <3 spoon
by amusedmuser1 May 18, 2009
An affectionate term for the chain of pubs - J D Wetherspoon.

Shit food, shit beer, cheap.
Lets go to spoons.

Want to get a pint at spoons?
by Bugblatterbeast May 27, 2014
A spoon. An empty, vacuous, vacant person.
You're a effing spoon mate!
by Yonkyo November 23, 2013
Used as an insult, such as dick, douche, or even bitch.
"I heard that guy punched Tommy in the balls so hard, he had to go to the hostpital.
"Really? What a spoon."


"Haha, that Josh kid doesn't even know what an HM in the game Pokemon is."
"Wow, he's such a spoon."
by Nuetral October 17, 2013
spoons is an alternate word for weed or marijuana. especially useful in public places or to confuse anyone listening in. it is both a noun and a verb and so avoids the need to say , for example,spooning.
Dude my parents arent home. wanna do spoons?
What are you doing with your life? you're walking , talking downward spiral. all because of spoons
by pepsin September 17, 2012
When the GM gives a Sales Person a free deal
Garth Hamers gets at least 5 spoons a month
by David Alan CLark November 21, 2007
A metal object used for shovelling food into the mouth(1) and or and insult.(2)
1.Tim ate polietly with his spoon.
2.That guys a right spoon.
by Ambug June 21, 2007

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