Slang Term for Lacrosse Stick
Nathan bring your spoon to my house for playing lacrosse.

Naveed you shouldn't even have that spoon you suck at lacrosse.
by Clausen8657 May 20, 2011
The combination of the words Snow and Poon.
Paul-Did you get that spoon on the skii lift?
Ed- I sure did!
Paul- I sure wish I could get spoon like you with them dairyfarmers
by Spoon man420 March 15, 2010
Lacrosse stick.
Bro sweet spoon.

Bro is that your spoon?
by Frostie Flow January 06, 2010
What I eat my Trix cereal with.
Guy1: Trix is the best
Guy2: What the fuck, why are you shoving your face in your bowl?
Guy1: Thats how you eat it...
Guy2: Yo nigga try this shit, it's called a spoon
Guy1: Damn, kickass
by James Darkness July 06, 2009
When the GM gives a Sales Person a free deal
Garth Hamers gets at least 5 spoons a month
by David Alan CLark November 21, 2007
not the sharpes object in the draw
stop asking stupid shit you spoon
by ONEDEEP August 04, 2005
The worst possible way to die...
Dude... If you don't stop, I'll fucking spoon you to death.
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004

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