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Someone who stirs shit, ie. like a spoon is used for stirring.
Why have you been going round stirring shit up about me? You're such a spoon!
by madwun October 27, 2010
1 4
A person who is considered an idiot and a bit stupid
' Can't you even do up yer own coat?, you spoon?'
by secondskin July 25, 2008
2 5
the other part of FORK, commonly refered to in the declasified breifings of "operation happy panda" and in "operation chunky tiger"
im such a fork.....wait i mean dork.

so i gues that means you would be spoon.
by Kody Morse May 13, 2008
1 4
A Stupid person, an idiot, When someone does something stupid.
"Ah ya spoon, ya!"
"OMG you are such a spoon"
by Whalespank July 30, 2006
10 13
1. A utensil that you use to eat food with.
2. A very fun thing to use to poke people with.
3. A weapon used to gouge out an enemy's eyes with.
I poke badgers with spoons!
by Urban Dictionary May 17, 2005
26 29
An insult towards a simpleton (dumbass)
Oh My god, you such a spoon, what were you thinking
by harry bowen December 04, 2007
2 6
While playing Beer Pong, one who either throws the beer out (without anyone seeing) or taking entirely too long to drink the beer, also known as a pussy
Stop spoon'in that beer you pussy and take your next shot
by LoneRanger23 June 14, 2007
3 8