When having sex, a woman puts her back to a mans chest and they have sex like that...still up the pussy
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
Someone who stirs shit, ie. like a spoon is used for stirring.
Why have you been going round stirring shit up about me? You're such a spoon!
by madwun October 27, 2010
A person who is considered an idiot and a bit stupid
' Can't you even do up yer own coat?, you spoon?'
by secondskin July 25, 2008
the other part of FORK, commonly refered to in the declasified breifings of "operation happy panda" and in "operation chunky tiger"
im such a fork.....wait i mean dork.

so i gues that means you would be spoon.
by Kody Morse May 13, 2008
A Stupid person, an idiot, When someone does something stupid.
"Ah ya spoon, ya!"
"OMG you are such a spoon"
by Whalespank July 30, 2006
1. A utensil that you use to eat food with.
2. A very fun thing to use to poke people with.
3. A weapon used to gouge out an enemy's eyes with.
I poke badgers with spoons!
by Urban Dictionary May 17, 2005
An insult towards a simpleton (dumbass)
Oh My god, you such a spoon, what were you thinking
by harry bowen December 04, 2007

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