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19 definitions by Lexy

Is defined as crazy or wierd.
I fell of the roof...yeah it was pretty trippy.
by Lexy January 11, 2004
Spanish paralinguistic feature of communication. Employed when no words are capable of conveying the frustration, anger or general absurdity of the situation.
"Let's go skinny dipping"
"Ay ay ay"
by Lexy May 18, 2004
The best anime in the world.
Slayers is the best anime in the world
by Lexy February 08, 2004
a girl who is moody, bad-tempered and awkward to deal with.
she's a right stoppy cow!
by lexy December 24, 2004
The hottest name on da block which also means SEXY and sometimes HO
"hey gurl that dress is so lexy"
"that gurl is such a lexy"
by Lexy October 24, 2003
The saggy fat located below the belt line. Usually bulges out of their pants.
Man look at that lady, she has fat below.
by lexy December 21, 2004