Someone who is beyond an idiot
Did you see the shit Steve was doing last night?

Yeah he's such a spoon.
by Davros01 December 08, 2008
The most dangerous weapon mankind has ever known... So sharp...
*everyone flees, because the spoon is such a dangerous weapon*
by Dat_dooD May 11, 2015
Someone who is a complete idiot and cannot answer a simple question.
What's 9+10?


Awl, you spoon!
by WhamBham February 28, 2015
Slang Term for Lacrosse Stick
Nathan bring your spoon to my house for playing lacrosse.

Naveed you shouldn't even have that spoon you suck at lacrosse.
by Clausen8657 May 20, 2011
1. a part of the female body
2. a phrase used by certain females
1. Get off my spoons
2. Ive got a little spoon
3. Spoons and cups
by Emily&Tom July 10, 2008
1. An eating utinsel, usually made of twisted metal, but can also be carved from word or shaped of perceline. Can also be carved of marbel and is often considered one of the most idiotic things to collect.
2. A type of "pipe" used for smoking various combustible substances, usually affiliated with marijuana.
3. A type of cuddling in which the male lays back and the female positions herself, resting with her back against the male.
4. A type of sex similar to the above definition, but the man's penis is inserted into the womans vagina as she rests against him.
5. A band that came out of Texas and is widely exclaimed.
6. An insult that could be used against a mentally retarded or dense person. Can also be used against someone cought in the act of acting stupid.
"Ned, I do not understand why you INSIST on colecting so many of these blasted SPOONS!"

"Hey man, bring your best shit over tonight. I got a new spoon!"

Reggie and Catherine were spooning by the fire, just to enjoy each others company.

Ted's favourite position is spooning.

Times magazine did a cover story on the new hit sensation "Spoon".

"Oh my GOD, Fred! You are such a SPOON!"
"Hey retard, why don't you go back to your mommy and speak in spoon to her?! *assumes a steriotypical 'retard' position by placing hand limply thumping against chest and adjusting face to look stupid* Durrr, durrr, durrr!"
by Kazaaar Dereph E'Nairon October 25, 2006
Used as an insult, such as dick, douche, or even bitch.
"I heard that guy punched Tommy in the balls so hard, he had to go to the hostpital.
"Really? What a spoon."


"Haha, that Josh kid doesn't even know what an HM in the game Pokemon is."
"Wow, he's such a spoon."
by Nuetral October 17, 2013
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