Smack bang right in the middle.
A lot easier to say fast.
"Where's that smell coming from?"
"Spock of YOUR FACE!"
by Pseudonymed January 23, 2009
n. The creepy guy at the bar who has his eye on every girl who comes in but doesn't say anything to any of them. He is convinced that every girl in the bar is "eyeball fucking" him. This man more than likely spends a lot of time on Myspace and prolly has a folder full of random girls' pictures somewhere on his computer that he pleasures himself to late at night before crying himself to sleep. The term "lurk" updated for 2006. Say word.
Dude's straight spockin on those bitches son!

Collin is a fuckin spock.
by The Godson of the Gotti June 11, 2006
A Spent Cock
Look Down
by Jack Spockify December 11, 2003
any ehnicity of pointy ears or squinty eyes. used as a diss
Xiang Kim is such a spock
by alexander G January 01, 2006
adj: worse than Kirk in every way.
It's a shame that he's so Spock, he couldv'e amounted to something one day. Oh well, there's always Kirk.
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003

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