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being especially cheesy; utterly failing an attempt to be cool; creepy; tragically hip; usually applies only to males and often used with dude as in "guavo dude." Term from Seattle white urban (Grunge) lexicon in mid to late 1980's
man. that guavo dude is hitting on your girlfriend.
by Donbowsky April 13, 2006
To Spock: The act of freezing up and showing no emotion when interacting with a responsive member of the opposite sex. To fail during an attempted seduction though lack of confidence.

Also Spock Box: a container of collected but uncalled phone numbers digits from members of the opposite sex.

From the urban white Seattle (grunge)lexicon of the mid to late 1980's
The girl was all over him but he totally spocked.
by Donbowsky April 13, 2006

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