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X-Must: Fictional Cola from the video game Headhunter

*** SPOILER ***

&It &turns &out &to &be &part &of &a &plot &to &infect &the &people &with &a &virus
"X-Must has 100% artificial ingredients!"
by TsuQ May 23, 2009
An emote on some LPMuds indicating raising one eyebrow ala Spock. Vaguely has the meaning "Is that so?" Used in online chat context to indicate disbelief or surprise.
Doug: beat your kill streak record in COD4 the other day
Trent: *spock*
Doug: no really, it was like 7 right?
Trent: try 17
Doug: ...well, I got close... heh
by TsuQ May 04, 2008

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