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A pointer is a data type of a programming language. Pointers are basically variables that can point to another location in memory.
Many programming headaches can be caused by the use of pointers if you're not sure what you're doing.
by obscure August 29, 2005
An ineffective member of Top Level Mgmt bought in when a work situation has become troublesome but a shouter has failed to bring things back on track. Whilst the aim is for the pointer to fix things by putting the fear of god into a team they generally fail and pass the blame to other members of the team as a result gaining a significant bonus.
Christ alive, they've got a pointer involved, watch your back

The pointer has had his bonus, have you seen his new Bentley?
by j5hrp May 29, 2009
A data type found in computer programming languages such as C++. It is a variable that holds the memory address of another variable.

Dynamic allocation of memory is possible through the use of pointers.
Examples using pointers:

int i = 5; // declares an integer with an initial value of 5

int *p = &i; // declares a pointer to an integer and assigns
the address of i to it

cout << i; // outputs the number 5 to the console

cout << &i; // outputs the address of i to the console

cout << p; // same result as above

cout << *p; // outputs the value pointed to by p (5)

*p = 10; // changes the value of i to 10

int *arr = new int n; // creates an array containing
n elements and assigns its address to arr
(dynamic allocation)

delete arr; // deletes the memory space arr points to
(does not delete the pointer itself!)
by C++ Master May 03, 2007
A person from Verplanck, New York that can be identified by their lack of teeth and extremely large foreheads.
Those pointers, their fire boat's engine got lost in the quarry!
by buchananrocks November 29, 2012
To a programmer, it is the root of all evil, headaches, and bugs.
Fuckin' pointer made me stay up all night.
by qqqqqqqq October 20, 2007
something that pokes out of a womans tits..they are also known as nipples.
wow look at them pointers coming out of that ladys t-shirt its making my pencil become erect!
by grace-thebest August 28, 2006
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