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noun, verb.

applies to males/transsexuals only.

someone, or something so unattractive, it causes the penis to recede within the body--a reverse of the action of where a male has an erection, which is commonly known as a "stiffy".
"hearing about your venereal disease really just gave me an anti-stiffy."

"when the porno film shoot went horribly wrong when the star actress came to work with the flu, anti-stiffies were had all around."
by atilla February 17, 2005
v. 1. To make a joke online that is then taken far too seriously by a reader, who corrects the factual nature of your humor. 2. To see something online that is intended to be humorous, and then proceed to correct its factual shortcomings. n. A person who repeatedly misses online jokes and proceeds to correct their factual shortcomings.
1. "megatroll kept spocking me, so I unfriended him and banned him from my journal."

3. "Yeah, he's a great guy most of the time, but he can turn into a real spock."
by atilla April 14, 2005
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