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1. Sound effect heard when a car hits an oil slick in the classic arcade game, Pole Position.

2. Nonsense word used in place of numerous other words or on its own in myriad variations.

Both versions of the word spluck came into use in the northeastern United States circa 1982.
1. I heard a 'spluck' when the car hit the oil slick.

2(a) How the spluck are you?
2(b) In God we spluck.
2(c) I spluck my cat.
2(d) Spluckulent.
by Fantasm December 11, 2004
Compulsive Chatter
Amy loves splucking
Brian was diagnosed with spluck.
Kate is definitely a spluck...
by ElEl May 18, 2009
A word created by Phil McBride, spluck can be used in any number of sentences as a vowel or adjective
What the spluck is he doing?
Size of that splucking bird.
by BatmanThe3rd March 16, 2011
The name given to an individual who is seen as completely useless at a certain activity or action.
Person A: "How did you play today bro?"
Person B: "Oh, I played like a spluck ..."
by why_man April 09, 2009
It is an onomatopoeic word - for lifting or pulling your feet off from something gooey and sticky.
"spluck your feet from the muck"
by Archana Subramanya May 01, 2005
To bust a steaming load of seamen on the back of a member of the opposite sex.
I was plowing her from behind, then pulled out and splucked on her back.
by Jamie Brown February 04, 2004
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