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To laugh out loud.

Derivation: Believed to have evolved from the more popular

L.O.L. 'Spring Roll' --> 'Spling Lol' --> 'Spling'

Often used as graffiti on official parking signs in London, rendering them invalid - AKA "Rathboning"
by Captain Rathbone November 04, 2010
75 4
When life feels like a movie.
That holiday was so spling!
by Spling November 06, 2007
18 25
Spling is a word for the doobage or the doobie also called spliff and by some people even joint
Toke it up yeaaa pass the spling
by NorthWestBoi May 18, 2005
11 18
Originates from the recent place factory incident. Spling is a word used to describe a quizmonkey, usually found in the depths of garden centres along the beach. A spling can be purchased for around £70 from your local chin store, and usually come with a free nobshock or chinstrap.
Hey Chad, look at my spling!
by Jono Green February 03, 2005
13 22
Flashy jewelry worn in combination with Speedo swimming apparel.
Check out the spling on the hairy Greek guy.
by jlicious70 August 10, 2010
2 14
To smoke illegal substances.
Also referred to in money situations. i.e as paper.
1. "Yo dawg let's spling that shit!"
2. "Aite man got some spling goin down"
by H.P-Dizzle June 17, 2008
2 15
Science bling. Chromed out sweet pieces of science that can be worn on a string or chain.
"Dude check out this tight piece of spling"
by MMnM March 04, 2008
7 21