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1. A person who fixes things, esp. cars, planes and bicycles.
2. A cliched term for an "assassin" in movies that has no equivalent in the real world.
SKIP: Hey Joe, I hear you're a mechanic. Could you please kill my neighbor's cat?

JOE: What?! I fix cars, ya moron! What do you think this is, a Michael Bay movie?
by Evil Paul December 28, 2010
A mechanic is a person that has sex with transsexuals. A mechanic is known to "work on trannys."
He hangs around with trannys because he is a mechanic.
by The Order of The Crow November 02, 2010
A person whom is skilled in the use of tools and repair or fabrication of mechanical devices.
Not necessarily just cars and trucks.

The term mechanic but a few generations ago was a skill level in the industrial trades. covering many different lines of work.
I'm a mechanic, but wish to become a machinist and eventually a tool maker.
by eddie6775 December 31, 2010
A card-dealer at high-stakes poker who is adroit at manipulating the cards in the deck to favor one player over another.
"Don't worry kid," Shooter said, "No one will know. I'm one helluva mechanic."

-- Richard Jessup, "The Cincinnati Kid"
by Guy Dalziel February 28, 2006
Once aided in saving the universe by informing Captain that somebody had set up us the bomb, thus causing Captin to launch, or "take off", every zig.
Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
by Baseologist July 03, 2003

Someone who breaks your car further when youve brought it in to be fixed, just so they can cost you more money.
Person A to person B: That scheming fool of a mechanic tried to convince me that my brake pads needed replacing, when i went to get my oil changed. I just put new ones on!

Person B: Yah man, ive been getting blown all over the place. I went to see what the problem was about my ride, and he said the reason it wouldnt start was that i was low on "headlight fluid". What a lying jerk!
by johnny mc awesome January 03, 2011
1: A Democratic Party politician who thinks that the path to power within the party comes from 'playing the game' with the powers that be; of giving and securing favors, and building a network based on mutual self-interest within the ranks. Mechanics are experts at working the system which they are a part of and believe in. To a mechanic, voters are only ciphers who must be made, somehow, to support the party and the party's candidates.

Mechanics love and want power for power's sake. For them words are a means of manipulation, not communication.
"Before Barak Obama showed up, Hilary Clinton, the quintessential Mechanic, thought she had the nomination sewn up. She had cashed in all her markers, collected on all favors owed her, bribed with promises of power all influential people in the party, and thought she had greased the skids all the way to the White House. Unfortunately for her, a good Savior beats a good Mechanic every time, no matter how well the Mechanic has wired the system."
by lafinatu February 21, 2009
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