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noun, verb, splinged, spling-ing.
1. Hinged spline: a jointed device or flexible long, narrow, thin strip of wood, metal, etc.; slat.on which a door, gate, shutter, lid, or other attached part turns, swings, or moves.
2. Splined hinge: a long, narrow, thin strip of wood, metal, etc.or jointed device on which a door, gate, shutter, lid, or other attached part turns, swings, or moves.
–verb (used with object)
3. to furnish with or attach by a splinge or splinges.
-splinge (used as expression of amazement)
4. to wibble, or splinge as an incredulous outburst when your flabber is ghasted.
Apprentice:'This splinge won't fit properly, the sprocket doesn't flange cleanly.'
Mechanic:'Ah, you need a splined hinge, not a hinged spline - easy mistake'

Ted: 'WoW, Obama did it !'
Bill: '....... :O .. splinge !'
by KeithMyArthe January 17, 2009
73 9
Splinge To refer to something as cool
That shirt you got on is so Splinge
by Felix Flame May 17, 2007
7 2
A split fringe. A fringe that has split into sections due to high amounts of moisture or oil in it.
That girl has a bit of a splinge going on right now... Someone hand her a comb!
by 123unicornflavouredicecream May 31, 2014
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Word to describe the feeling when you see a really fine pair of breasts. The word is also a description of the sound made in your head on the removal of the bra. Weird, but it works.
Also describes something really good, a greeting to friends and a friendly sign-off on SMS. A verbal device borne out of too many mind altering substances - a whole lexicon was discovered.

'Sploof' - really big, saggy breasts.
'Spludge' - not that much better, but smaller.
'Sploin' - Slightly saggy, but nice all the same.
'Splinge' - Lovely, perfectly rounded tits. About a 'C' to a 'D'. Can be bigger.
'Spillip' - Small. Can be nice, but might fill a B cup.
'Spink' - Mosquito's have attacked your girlfriend and left two marks on her chest. Throw some 'D's on that!!
"Ello mate"
"How do?"
"Check out the Sploins on that!!!"
"Nah- happy with the Splinge at home, cheers."
"Fair one, Splinge!"
by ed2chef April 29, 2009
1 4
Originally a nonsense word, courteousy of 'The Goon Show'
Now, an adjective for a sexy person
1. He/she is a Splinge
2. 'Look - Splinge!'
3. To a partner 'My beautiful Splinge'
by Fenella May 11, 2004
2 5