the best motherfucking person ever. practically my fucking idol. kicks everyone's ass.
Spider-man will own you all.
by anonymous September 26, 2004
For when a guy doing his girl, pulls out and cums into his hand.
Then throws his cum at her and says "SPIDERMAN!!"
after jack was done banging jill from behind, he came in his hand and threw in her face and said "Spiderman!"
by Darcness November 11, 2010
a sexual exposure in which just before climaxing you yell "MY SPIDEY SENSES ARE TINGLING" and then blow in her face while using the spidey hand slinging motion as if you were casting out a web over her face.
Guy - Shhhh babe, do u hear that???

Girl - No what is it???

Guy - my spidey senses are tingling HAHA!

Girl - HUH!?

Guy - *sound of semen coating her face* Spoik!

Girl - thank you spiderman your my hero.

Guy - all in a days work mam'
by ph03nixf1r3 January 13, 2010
High quality marijuana. When smoked it may cause one to believe he is the fictional character Spiderman shooting webs.
"Hey, that was some good ass spiderman we smoked yesterday; i was higher than a kite."
by Schlong Beater December 27, 2009
someone who can tell an initail lie and keep it held up with a web of other lies. he is so good at it that everyone believes that it is true.
I am a spiderman, she wont find out.
by Josh posh December 15, 2009
A guy who can climb up drains to rape women in their condos.
Police: Who raped this young woman?

guilty spiderman: Uhhhhh shucks, it was me...
by =3MC= August 23, 2009
as a man climaxes while haveing anal sex, he cums in his hand while simultaneously spitting on the chicks back. As she turns around he takes his hand and flings his load in the upset females face. Mimicing a web.
Its like that rap song...we dont superman no more, we just spiderman dat hoe! lol
by big matt April 28, 2008

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