as a man climaxes while haveing anal sex, he cums in his hand while simultaneously spitting on the chicks back. As she turns around he takes his hand and flings his load in the upset females face. Mimicing a web.
Its like that rap song...we dont superman no more, we just spiderman dat hoe! lol
by big matt April 28, 2008
When you jerk your turkey for a little bit, then blow a reasonable amount of man snot onto your middle, and ring fingers, bend them back and flick them forward. this works on someones face, your friends shirt that he left over last friday, or it makes perfect holiday decorations "ooh spooky!!"
whoa whats that stain on the wall?
"umm, i think we had a visit from our friendly neighborhood, Spiderman!
by Ol Danky March 26, 2009
While having sex doggy-style,just prior to ejaculation pull out and let it into your hand, then spit on her back wait for her to turn around and throw the cum into her face like a web shot from spiderman
I was doggin this freak and i covered her face with the spiderman
by bellis1384 September 19, 2007
by HERES MY NAME July 10, 2008
When you are haveing sex with a girl and you pull out and nut in the palm of your hand. You then throw the jizz at her face like the web of spider man.
Dude that bitch wouldnt let me nut on her face. So i Spidermaned that ho.
by PatMaGroin December 12, 2007
when one is fulfilling a fantasy by doing a girl doggy style, he cums in his hand and then flings it at a girl like a spider web.
-Did you hear about Steve?
-No, what?
-He totally webbed a girl!
-Dude, he gave her the spiderman.
-Don't tase me, bro.
by T Dunn November 30, 2007
To ejaculate (cum) in your hand and then proceed to throw it on to some ones face whilst saying "go web go" eye.....

thats what you get for asking for a spiderman.

or you pull out in sex just before you ejaculate and then procede to do it in your hand and though it on the persone who you have just done.
by chrisajj September 10, 2007

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