The act of cumming into one's hand (usually before climaxing during a blowjob) and flinging the seminal discharge into the face of the female (or male) who was blowing you.
Bitch looked at me like I was a leper after I spidermanned that shit.
by The King of Bean Town September 02, 2006
A man shoots his load into his hand, then throws it into his girlfriend face.
I just spiderman my girlfriend after having sex with her.
by alwaybeinme February 11, 2010
When semen hangs from the penis in such a way that it droops down and attaches itself to the inside of the leg.

Mostly occurs while urinating after sex or masturbation.
Jon - "Oh man, my dick totally did a spiderman last night"

Joe - "Shit dude, spidermans suck..."
by AyePal December 12, 2013
When you jizz in your hand and then throw it at the girl face in a spiderman motion, you yell "spiderman" and make her lick it all up.
I just spidermaned my girl friend.
by Giant Dick11111 January 27, 2012
Verb: As in "to Spiderman", meaning to ejaculate into your hand and fling the "web" (semen) into a girl's face. When "Spidermanning" a girl one must be certain to make the Spiderman hand move (similar to the "I love you" sign).

Also known as "web-slinging".
Woman: Oooh Spiderman are you here to rescue me?
Man: Something like that <slings man-web into woman's face> "Spiderman that ho!"
by The Fell Hand October 26, 2011
A technique of avoiding a gross public toilet seat. Simply press both arms and both feet against the walls of the toilet stall and raise yourself above the seat.
That seat was so gross that I had to do a Spider Man!
by Big Al72 February 13, 2011
An extension of the penis showing game as seen in the movie "Waiting" It is where one does a handstand while being completely naked outside of a door or around a corner in anticipation that someone will walk out and see them. The consequence for looking at their junk is 10 kicks, while calling them a homosexual for staring at your nuts.
Biz: "I'm going to get Nellis with the Spiderman"

Larry: "Do it, he's about to come out of the bathroom."

Nellis: "Ahhh, dude that's foul!"

Biz: "Why are you staring at my nuts fag?!?"
by Jizmo Beach June 18, 2010

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