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The act of cumming into one's hand (usually before climaxing during a blowjob) and flinging the seminal discharge into the face of the female (or male) who was blowing you.
Bitch looked at me like I was a leper after I spidermanned that shit.
by The King of Bean Town September 02, 2006
When semen hangs from the penis in such a way that it droops down and attaches itself to the inside of the leg.

Mostly occurs while urinating after sex or masturbation.
Jon - "Oh man, my dick totally did a spiderman last night"

Joe - "Shit dude, spidermans suck..."
by AyePal December 12, 2013
Verb: As in "to Spiderman", meaning to ejaculate into your hand and fling the "web" (semen) into a girl's face. When "Spidermanning" a girl one must be certain to make the Spiderman hand move (similar to the "I love you" sign).

Also known as "web-slinging".
Woman: Oooh Spiderman are you here to rescue me?
Man: Something like that <slings man-web into woman's face> "Spiderman that ho!"
by The Fell Hand October 26, 2011
The common misspelling of "Spider-Man".

Since this was mentioned in an episode of "Seinfeld" (where Jerry says "Spiderman" sounds like a Jewishname), it may have helped spread the misspelling.

NOTE: the hyphen "-" was put into the title/name to help distinguish "Spider-Man" from "Superman" on the comic book covers.
I was reading the a review of the latest Spider-Man comic and the idiot editor spelled it "Spiderman". Pfft.
by Spider-Bat April 21, 2009
When the hair on, in and/or around your asshole becomes a tangled mess, not unlike that of a spiderweb. This mass of hair has a tenancy to catch small pieces of debris going in or out of ones asshole. In extreme cases, pieces of fecal matter, aptly named dingleberries, up to 3oz. in size. These "dingleberries" have a profound habit of tugging on the web of hairs, creating a very uncomfortable sensation known as "web-swinging". Also in other extreme cases, shitting causes the pulling of hair as the shit comes out with a feeling of a pulling sensation on your ass hair. The only known combatant of Spiderman is the Green Goblin or a friend with scissors.
Alleh told Richeh to trim his ass hair because Spiderman was relentless in giving up.
by Rebuttlemanz January 29, 2009
When a guy ejaculates while laying his dick along the inside of his wrist, pretending to be spiderman.
dude, I was so spiderman last night.
by DarkPhantom October 26, 2008
when u beat off in your hand and throw it at someone
man look at all that gizz on your face, i gave you the spider man
by major woody November 17, 2006