(verb) To marry a woman, have sex with her, and then arrange a deal with the devil to retroactively negate the marriage, altering past, present and future so that the marriage never took place.
Mary Jane? Yeah, I Spider-man'd that biatch. Hard.
by Framling February 11, 2010
When you you cum in your hand and then throw it on your partner's face.
After Gary was done blowing me I pulled out and came in my hand. I then Spidermaned him in the face.
by clop_2007 August 06, 2007
one of the only super heros adored by radio shack patrons everywhere.
You go spiderman! - crazy guy from the radio shack ad
by oswald the ninja July 21, 2004
Your having sex doggystyle with a girl and right before you cum you pull out and cum in your hand, then you tell the girl to turn around and you throw it in her face, hence the name spiderman.(not reccomended if this girl is your girlfriend and/or life....unless shes really kinky)
you should've been at my izacs party last night. i had sex with this girl and did the spiderman, hahaha she was pissed!
by Andrew Kimball November 12, 2007
when your ho is gone you rub one out then hide behind the door and when she comes in you throw your load at her eyes.(It is vital that you just up onto something and strike in the tradidtional croutching spiderman posistion)
that bitch was gone all day so when she came in, i pulled out a spiderman.
by Frank Robinson November 17, 2005
when u jack off into your hand and throw the cum at someone
spiderman slung his web at marry janes face
by gangsterdillweed May 26, 2007
After fucking a chick in the ass. You pull out and cum in your hand. When she turns around you throw the cum in her face like a spider web. Then yell "look out for SPIDERMAN"!!!
I was getting on a bitch at a Halloween party, so i decided to give her the SPIDERMAN
by Kevin Franz December 01, 2006

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