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To sniff the poo off of someones anus
the pimp did snoof his whore to ensure they were clean of stds
by shit sniffer October 10, 2009
2 11
(v)To sniff vigorously
My cat keeps snoofing things...that is why we call her "Snoof"
by Andy April 06, 2003
22 32
A word which comes out of your mouth when high and stoned, generally something stupid.
piss off you snoof and stop snoofing around my snoff
by tom cheeseman June 29, 2007
4 19
1. A term of endearment; 2. The act of vigorously smelling a loved ones snoofle.
"I love you Snoof!"

"She gave his snoofle a big snoof."
by Clizzaire July 25, 2006
12 27
someone very nice and sweet
she's such a snoof
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
13 34
Everything and nothing all at once.
Also, the complete opposite of both snooflarger and snoofmini.
Dude, your a big snoof.
by Nick Massie January 13, 2005
3 27
A person of many principles, mostly of goodwill. Also, a hero in many facets.
"Hey, that Mother Theresa was a real Snoof."

"Arnold Schwarzenegger really plays a great Snoof in movies."
by PW January 31, 2005
19 45